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3rd Annual December Bashes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time for the 3rd edition(s) of our Annual December Bash, celebrating the holidays, birthdays and the end of the year. This year, we’re taking this show on the road and doing an Ottawa edition as well as our regular Toronto bash.

We’ll have party favours. We’ll have prizes (with raffle proceeds going to Girls Rock Camp Toronto and Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls). We’ll do two sets – a 6 Degrees of Nirvana set (Nirvana-related bands – get ready for some serious 90s alt-rock jams) and of course, a set of Nirvana covers.

Toronto – December 10
Ottawa – December 17

(Plus, catch us for a regular show in Kingston on December 16!)



Coming up next!

We’re back from the east coast and we had a blast! Next up, we’ve got two shows in Toronto in September.

First, we’ll be playing Nerd Noise Night at the Horseshoe on September 3rd. Last year’s edition was super fun, so we’re stoked to be asked back for 2016. Info + ticket link here.

And on September 22nd, it’s our Nevermind 25th Anniversary Show! Can you believe it’s been 25 years already? It makes us feel ancient. Come feel ancient with us at The Velvet Underground. Tickets are $10 at the door and the night also features Terrorista and Pole – Toronto’s all-male Hole cover band. Guaranteed good times. Here are all the details.

(We’re hoping to get back on the road soon, but some shithead stole the car we used to get to gigs so we have to get a new one before we can head out of town again.)


Atlantic Northeast Tour 2016

Hervana East Coast Poster

We’re heading to the east coast for the first time this July! Toronto psych-pop/rockers Blue Cougars (Erin’s other band) are coming with us and it’s going to be loud.

Monday, July 11 – Charlottetown @ Baba’s Lounge w/ Rainbow Valley
Facebook event

Wednesday, July 13 – Halifax @ Menz Bar w/ Glitterclit
Facebook event

Thursday, July 14 – Fredericton @ The Capital w/ Dizzy & The Kittens
Facebook event

Friday, July 15 – Saint John @ Peppers Pub w/ Brother Faye
Facebook event
Poster by Jimmy Brannen

Hervana Unplugged in Ontario

Unplugged Landscape Dates








Hervana is going acoustic this Spring to play Nirvana’s beloved Unplugged in New York album in full.

This album holds a special place in many people’s hearts – ours included – and we’re excited to sing these songs with you.

April 15 – Ottawa, ON @ House of Targ
[Info]  [Facebook event]

April 16 – Perth, ON @ Studio Theatre
[Tickets]  [Facebook event]

April 20 – Toronto, ON @ Burdock Music Hall
[Tickets]  [Facebook event]

May 14 – London, ON @ London Music Club
[Tickets]  [Facebook event]

May 15 – Waterloo, ON @ Princess Café
[Tickets]  [Facebook event]

To celebrate, here’s a plugged-in version of a song you’ll hear acoustically on the tour:

HERVANA – ALL APOLOGIES from Hervana on Vimeo.


2nd Annual December Bash


Hervana’s 2nd Annual December Bash returns! We’re celebrating birthdays, the holidays and the end of the year with music, prizes, presents and a ton of fun. This year, it’s happening on December 18th at Junction City Music Hall in Toronto. Check out the Facebook event here.

Buckets Of

blue cougars

Hervana – 6 Degrees of Nirvana set (all your favourite Nirvana-related bands!)

Hervana – Nirvana set

Everyone will receive a souvenir and raffle ticket for prizes upon entry. Additional raffle tickets will be sold to increase your chances of winning, with proceeds to Girls Rock Camp Toronto.

Vids + Toronto show

We added a couple new live videos to the Music page. The sound is atrocious because we filmed them on an old camcorder BUT you can see what a ridiculously fun time we had in Ottawa (and Montreal but we didn’t have anyone to film for us there!). Shoutout to the guy who came out of the mosh pit to help put the mic stand back when everything went flying and everyone who sang along the whole time.

Next up, we’ll be playing Smiling Buddha in Toronto on June 13. See you there!

June 13 poster

Wavelength Music Festival – February 13

To say that we’re thrilled to be playing Night 1 (on February 13) of Wavelength Music Festival is an understatement. There are so many great acts on the bill (like Laura Barrett from Sheezer and our practice space mates Most People) covering all sorts of awesome Toronto bands. For one night only, we’ll be covering The Constantines – a daunting yet exciting task.

And best of all – Controller.controller! One night at band practice a few weeks ago we stopped suddenly and two of us said in unison “Is that Controller.controller next door?1?!” We hovered in the hallway outside the door for a moment trying to ascertain whether it was indeed them. (As did another guy, so we weren’t the only ones acting like creeps.) We can’t wait to see them hit the stage.

It’s going to be a great night celebrating Toronto’s amazing music scene – see you there! (In the meantime, check out this interview we did for the Wavelog.)