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We’re on YouTube, finally! We’ve had videos on Vimeo for ages, but decided it was time to go where people are looking for music videos. YouTube comments so often are a cesspool and we didn’t want to create (or have to moderate) a space for people to call each other all sorts of horrible things. So we’ve decided not to turn comments on. If you want to chat, find us on Facebook or Twitter!

Subscribe! And check out our new video of Lounge Act from Baba’s Lounge in Charlottetown. It’s a Baba’s Lounge Act!

New vids from our December Bash

We shot some footage at our 2nd Annual December Bash at the end of last year. “Scentless Apprentice” and “Aneurysm” are up now, with more to come! (These were edited by our multi-talented guitarist Michelle Turingan aka Pap Smear.)


HERVANA – ANEURYSM (Nirvana cover) from Hervana on Vimeo.


HERVANA – SCENTLESS APPRENTICE (Nirvana cover) from Hervana on Vimeo.

Vids + Toronto show

We added a couple new live videos to the Music page. The sound is atrocious because we filmed them on an old camcorder BUT you can see what a ridiculously fun time we had in Ottawa (and Montreal but we didn’t have anyone to film for us there!). Shoutout to the guy who came out of the mosh pit to help put the mic stand back when everything went flying and everyone who sang along the whole time.

Next up, we’ll be playing Smiling Buddha in Toronto on June 13. See you there!

June 13 poster