new season, new photos, new drummer… and a show!


Fall is here and it’s been a season of big changes for us! We wanted to put on our ‘best Sunday dress’ for you and with a little help and a lot of love from some amazingly talented people – our photographer, Rannie Turingan aka Photojunkie, and our makeup artist, Joan Antonio aka Klickclash (thank you so much! we love you, guys!) – we took some really great party time photos. You may have noticed a new face in the mix. We are so pleased to officially announce our new Dave Grrrl, Adrian Pasen. She is no stranger to the limelight (having played drums, bass and guitar with numerous bands in both Toronto and Berlin over the years) and we are super psyched to have her on board with us! If you want to see more from our photo shoot, please check out our press page. And if you’ve been itching to see and hear us play, we’ve got a show tonight at The Beaver for Punk Rock Bingo! So… come out and party with us, won’t you?!