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We’re on YouTube, finally! We’ve had videos on Vimeo for ages, but decided it was time to go where people are looking for music videos. YouTube comments so often are a cesspool and we didn’t want to create (or have to moderate) a space for people to call each other all sorts of horrible things. So we’ve decided not to turn comments on. If you want to chat, find us on Facebook or Twitter!

Subscribe! And check out our new video of Lounge Act from Baba’s Lounge in Charlottetown. It’s a Baba’s Lounge Act!

Coming up next!

We’re back from the east coast and we had a blast! Next up, we’ve got two shows in Toronto in September.

First, we’ll be playing Nerd Noise Night at the Horseshoe on September 3rd. Last year’s edition was super fun, so we’re stoked to be asked back for 2016. Info + ticket link here.

And on September 22nd, it’s our Nevermind 25th Anniversary Show! Can you believe it’s been 25 years already? It makes us feel ancient. Come feel ancient with us at The Velvet Underground. Tickets are $10 at the door and the night also features Terrorista and Pole – Toronto’s all-male Hole cover band. Guaranteed good times. Here are all the details.

(We’re hoping to get back on the road soon, but some shithead stole the car we used to get to gigsĀ so we have to get a new one before we can head out of town again.)


New vids from our December Bash

We shot some footage at our 2nd Annual December Bash at the end of last year. “Scentless Apprentice” and “Aneurysm” are up now, with more to come! (These were edited by our multi-talented guitarist Michelle Turingan aka Pap Smear.)


HERVANA – ANEURYSM (Nirvana cover) from Hervana on Vimeo.


HERVANA – SCENTLESS APPRENTICE (Nirvana cover) from Hervana on Vimeo.