Wavelength Music Festival – February 13

To say that we’re thrilled to be playing Night 1 (on February 13) of Wavelength Music Festival is an understatement. There are so many great acts on the bill (like Laura Barrett from Sheezer and our practice space mates Most People) covering all sorts of awesome Toronto bands. For one night only, we’ll be covering The Constantines – a daunting yet exciting task.

And best of all – Controller.controller! One night at band practice a few weeks ago we stopped suddenly and two of us said in unison “Is that Controller.controller next door?1?!” We hovered in the hallway outside the door for a moment trying to ascertain whether it was indeed them. (As did another guy, so we weren’t the only ones acting like creeps.) We can’t wait to see them hit the stage.

It’s going to be a great night celebrating Toronto’s amazing music scene – see you there! (In the meantime, check out this interview we did for the Wavelog.)